The Difference Between Air Cleaners and Air Purifiers

Indoor air quality is critical to healthy air and breathing easier. Air purifiers and air cleaners both remove unwanted contaminants that we inhale. Let’s look at the differences between air cleaners and air purifiers and see why you’d choose one or the other for your Barstow, CA, home.

Air Cleaners

These devices are placed in the ductwork of existing HVAC systems. Air travels through built-in filters, and the filters pull out microscopic pollutants. Air cleaners capture dust mites, soil, biological growth, fungus and much more.

Working in conjunction with your home heating and cooling systems, air cleaners efficiently prolong the life of those systems. But it takes regular maintenance to maximize this benefit.

Air Purifiers

Air purification systems use UV germicidal lamps to clean air. They’re a more precise solution for cleaner air, and they also improve the HVAC system’s performance. One appreciated feature is that air purifiers remove pollutants silently.

Purifiers with HEPA technology have the capacity to kill 99.7% of the toxic particulates circulating indoors. Removing these toxins promotes long-term health benefits including better sleep.

Which One Should You Choose?

Air cleaners and air purifiers perform similar functions, but that doesn’t make them interchangeable. Both alleviate symptoms associated with itchy skin, asthma, allergies and eczema. You can expect either one to promote healthy living and home comfort.

The biggest difference is each device’s final mission. Air cleaners trap harmful particles, but air purifiers sanitize air, removing elements that make us sick.

So while cleaners will make air more breathable, purifier engineering relieves suffering. Depending on the unit, purifiers trap or neutralize toxins.

If you’re curious about the varying technologies available for improving indoor air quality, we’re ready to assist you. Our indoor air quality technicians perform an analysis of every situation to design the best system for your home. Call Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning and get the lowdown on air cleansing installations.

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