Troubleshooting Your Tankless Water Heater in Apple Valley, CA

Tankless water heaters often need less maintenance and repairs than their tanked counterparts. But that doesn’t mean problems can’t develop. If you’ve noticed something amiss with the tankless water heater in your Apple Valley, CA, home, we’re here to help. Here are some of the most common tankless water heater problems and how to solve them.

System Overload

If your water heater’s capacity isn’t high enough, you’ll run into problems when using too much hot water at a time, like when the washer and two showers are going simultaneously. If it’s an infrequent problem, simply try not to use too many water applications at once. However, if it’s a common issue, it might be best to upgrade to a model with a higher capacity.

Mineral Buildup

Though mineral buildup isn’t usually as severe in tankless models, it can still happen. Both calcium and magnesium reside in water, sometimes in very high quantities. Having a water softener installed is the best protection against scaling and buildup, as is regular professional maintenance work.

Cold Water Sandwiches

If you’ve ever been in the shower and experienced your water going from hot to cold and then back to hot again, you’ve dealt with a common problem called a cold water sandwich. This is typically because of back-to-back showers. It happens due to the small amount of hot water left in the pipes from the previous shower coming out before the water heater has had the chance to heat more. This isn’t really a problem; it’s just how your water heater works. Therefore, try to avoid getting in the shower until this cold spot has passed through the system.

Plumbing repairs on tankless water heaters should always get performed by a professional. Give Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning a call to set up your water heater repair appointment.

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