Efficient Home Maintenance Tips for Spring Cleaning

HVAC maintenance is an important part of spring cleaning in your Barstow home. Strong summer sunlight, autumn winds and winter storms can cause several problems. If you routinely include a few maintenance activities in your springtime work, you can ensure your family’s continued comfort this summer and prevent costly repairs.

Spring Cleaning Activities That Prevent Problems and Save Money

Here are money-saving tips that will prepare your HVAC system to work efficiently all summer:

Inspect Outdoor Vents

Look at all roof and wall vents. Remove blockages and check caulking. If you see cracks, the caulking may need to be replaced.

Remove Covers

If you covered any part of an air conditioning unit that is exposed to the weather, take the cover off before allowing the unit to start. Starting your air conditioner with a cover in place may cause severe damage to your HVAC system.

Clear Debris

Windstorms often blow trash, leaves, pollen and dirt through grates onto condenser coils. Usually, such accumulations can be gently washed away. Also, remove anything that is within two feet of your unit.

Check Electrical Panels

If you find that a cover is missing or a panel is loose, call a qualified technician.

Maintain Pipe Insulation

Two refrigerant lines connect the outdoor condenser unit to the indoor air handler. The smaller line needs no insulation. The larger line carries cool refrigerant back to the compressor. If the insulation on this line is damaged, your unit may overheat.

HVAC Maintenance Services Available for Barstow Residents

If you live in or near Barstow, California, check out Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning. We service, maintain and repair individual units, as well as entire heating and air conditioning systems. Our technicians have the expertise required to ensure that your home stays comfortable and your power bills low. For more information, call or stop by our office in Barstow.

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