Clean Your Furnace Before Winter Arrives in Apple Valley, CA

As winter approaches in Apple Valley, California, you want to be sure that your furnace is serviced and cleaned to keep it running in tip-top shape. Follow these helpful tips to ensure that your furnace stays running all winter long, keeping your home and family toasty warm.

Change the Air Filters

The air filter’s job is to trap dirt and dust before they enter into the system. In order to keep your furnace running smoothly, it is important to change the filters at least once per month. If you are unsure of the filter size or type, or how to properly position the filter, one of our friendly service technicians can show you what to do. To ensure that your heater is properly serviced and cleaned, consider investing in a maintenance agreement.

Address Strange Odors

It is very important to check your system if you notice any unusual odors. Natural gas has an additive in it with a very strong smell, so if you smell a rotten egg odor coming from your system, turn it off immediately and give us a call to have it inspected.

It’s common for a furnace to have a slight burning odor when it is first lit. Before you turn your system on, make sure that dust and dirt are cleared away. If you still notice a burning smell, the motor could be running too hot. Turn it off immediately and have it serviced.

Replace the Furnace Belts

The belts that run the blower motor and fan can become frayed, and bits and pieces of the belt can get trapped inside of the furnace housing. Any kind of debris buildup can become a potential fire hazard. In addition, a frayed belt can cause damage to the furnace resulting in expensive repairs. It is important to have your belts inspected on a regular basis.

To have your heater serviced and to inquire about our maintenance agreements, call Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning at 760-208-4930 today.

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