Is My AC System in Helendale, CA, Inefficient?

One of your home’s largest energy consumers is the air conditioner. As a result, it’s critical to keep the AC system in good operating condition at all times. This is particularly true during the peak summer months. Here are four warning indicators of an inefficient AC system in Helendale, CA:

Absence of Cold Air

The most evident indicator of an inefficient AC system is the insufficient cooling power to lower the humidity and temperature. Two reasons that might contribute to this issue are a lack of refrigerant and a failure to plan for adequate HVAC maintenance. To keep your system functioning well, schedule HVAC maintenance twice a year.

AC System Running Constantly

A constantly running AC system could be trying to make up for decreased efficiency. The system could be incorrectly sized for the air it needs to provide. Cooled air could be escaping through faulty ducting before reaching the property’s living area.

High Utility Bills

An inefficient AC system generally consumes more power than an air conditioner running at optimal performance. This may be very expensive for any Helendale, CA, homeowner. An inefficient air conditioner might be to blame if your utility costs are increasing without a rate increase or any justified reason.

Clogged Air Filter

A blocked air filter is another cause of an inefficient air conditioner. HVAC systems require unrestricted air circulation within the device to ensure adequate cooling. Replace the filter every one to three months to avoid straining the air conditioner and dealing with poor indoor air quality.

Contact Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule an air conditioning check-up and maintenance visit from our dependable service technicians as soon as possible. We look forward to assisting you in staying comfortable and cool for less throughout summer and in the months beyond.

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