3 Signs Your HVAC Unit Is Wasting Energy in Barstow, CA

When an HVAC system in Barstow, CA, wastes energy, the signs are noticeable. This guide highlights three of the most common signs.

Temperature Inconsistencies

When air from an air conditioner moves through the ducts, the currents flow in multiple directions before they reach the vents. If large clusters of dust and debris block the airflow in the ducts, an air conditioning unit wastes energy.

The filter is the first line of defense against dirt and debris in your home, so you must clean or replace it regularly. We can help you protect your outside unit with our air conditioning maintenance service. It includes a blower inspection, refrigerant tests and more.

Long Heating and Cooling Cycles

If your air conditioner runs constantly for a long time before it powers down, it’s wasting energy. In the summer, this happens when the refrigerant is low. Without refrigerant, an AC system only blows mild air, which is why it can’t reach the desired temperature.

Our spring maintenance plan prevents cooling problems that lead to longer cycles. If you sign up, you’ll get Comfort Club perks, such as a 10% discount on replacement components and a 48-hour service guarantee.

Many Heating and Cooling Cycles

An air conditioner shouldn’t run multiple times within an hour. Improper or inefficient insulation triggers many heating and cooling cycles. If a home has places where air leaks, an air conditioner will power up multiple times in order to regulate temperatures throughout the day or night.

New insulation that has a high R-value traps air in a home. If you need this type of insulation, we can install it. We offer a professional home insulation service and an inspection service.

Contact Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning today and let us make your HVAC equipment energy efficient. We service residential and commercial HVAC systems.

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