3 Signs Your AC Isn’t the Right Size

Getting the best performance from your air conditioner depends on more than buying equipment with high energy-efficiency ratings. In fact, if your Barstow home AC installation isn’t handled correctly, buying energy-efficient equipment is just a waste of your hard-earned money.

Unfortunately, ENERGY STAR reports that almost half of air conditioners aren’t installed correctly. A common reason for incorrect installation is that the AC unit isn’t the right size. Here are three signs that your AC isn’t the right size.

Your AC Runs Consistently

If your air conditioner runs constantly, it’s a good indication that it’s too small for your Barstow home. Constant operation doesn’t necessarily mean that your home won’t be cool; the important point is that it won’t be cooled efficiently. Your system will work day and night to meet the demand. This overtime work means your unit will undergo a lot of extra wear and tear, which ultimately means a shorter life expectancy for your equipment.

Constant Cycling

An air conditioner that frequently cycles on and off is another indication of incorrect sizing, only this time it means your unit is too large. Again, your home might be cooled, but not efficiently. Most modern AC units need to run 15 minutes to attain their efficiency ratings; if they run less than that, you won’t see the savings that come with installing an energy-efficient system.

High Humidity Levels

An over-sized air conditioner doesn’t run long enough to remove the humidity in your indoor air. To combat the clammy feeling that comes with high humidity levels, the tendency is to turn the thermostat down to get comfortable. This means your air conditioner will run more often, driving up utility bills and increasing wear and tear.

At Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning, we have the knowledge and experience to correctly size the air conditioner for your Barstow home. To learn more about our professional air conditioning solutions, check out our air conditioning installation services or call 760-208-4930.

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