Why Did My Thermostat Turn Off in Victorville, CA?

A functioning thermostat is crucial for regulating the temperature of your home or business in Victorville, CA. However, thermostats can spontaneously stop working for a variety of reasons. If your thermostat has recently gone out, then one of the issues below may be responsible.

Your Thermostat’s Batteries Have Died

If your thermostat’s screen has gone blank, then the first thing you’ll want to do is check the batteries to see if they’re dead. Most thermostats take regular alkaline batteries or 3V lithium batteries. You can find either of these battery types at your local hardware store, and replacing the dead ones takes less than three minutes.

There’s a Problem With the Circuit Breaker

If your thermostat’s batteries look like they have plenty of juice left, then it’s time to check the circuit breaker. Common electrical issues, such as a power surge in your bathroom, can easily knock out your thermostat if it’s connected to the other wiring in your home. When your thermostat turns off because one of your breakers gets flipped, turning it back on again is usually as simple as flipping the breaker switch to the “on” position.

Problems With Your HVAC System

Electrical issues with your HVAC system, such as a malfunctioning transformer, can effectively disconnect your thermostat and cause it to turn off. In addition, most systems have several safeguards in place to power down and protect themselves when there is a buildup of excess moisture. It’s tempting to try and handle these problems yourself, but dealing with thermostat issues at this level is a job for a qualified HVAC professional.

It’s Just Time for a New Thermostat

Thermostats usually last for a decade. However, their life expectancy can vary depending on how hard you stress them. Getting a new thermostat is always a last resort, but it might be your only option.

Do you need help getting your thermostat working again? Our HVAC professionals can fix any existing electrical problems or install a new unit if need be. To learn more about our repair services, contact Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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