5 Signs You Should Schedule a Home Heating Repair

As winter’s peak passes, homeowners in Barstow, CA, continue using their heating systems to stay warm. It doesn’t matter if you run a furnace or heat pump. What matters is that you schedule a heating repair when you need it.

Heater Blowing Cold Air

The most obvious signs that something is wrong involves your heating system blowing cold air or not turning on to warm your home. Before scheduling a heating repair in Barstow, check the filter. If it’s filthy, change it.

Loud Noises

Loud noises coming from your heater should definitely alarm you. Something is wrong if you hear banging, rattling, grinding or squealing. The problem could be minor or major, so schedule a heating repair right away.

Strange Smells

Strange smells coming from your heater should also warn you that something isn’t working right. The most alarming odor is electrical burning. If you smell this, shut your heating system off immediately and schedule a repair. Continuing to operate your furnace or heat pump after smelling a burning odor can increase your risk of a house fire.

Higher Heating Bills

We all know that electricity rates have skyrocketed recently. Take note of that when comparing this year’s heating bills with those from last year and the year before. If they’re higher without reason, you might need a repair.

Yellow Pilot Light

Do you operate a gas furnace to heat your house? If so, you should know that the pilot light’s flame indicates whether the heating system is operating efficiently and safely. If you notice the pilot light’s flame is burning yellow or orange, turn the furnace off and schedule heating repairs. The pilot light should burn blue. There’s a risk of carbon monoxide leaking into your house, so it’s best to leave and only reenter when you know it’s safe.

Keep your furnace or heat pump functioning efficiently and safely with a professional heating repair. Contact Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning to have your heating system repaired by a NATE-certified service technician.

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