How Our Comfort Club Keeps You Comfortable and Saves Money

Scorching-hot temperatures in Apple Valley, CA make your air conditioning system one of the most valuable possessions you own. Protect your investment in home comfort with a Comfort Club maintenance plan from Clemmer Services Heating & Air conditioning.

Professional Heating and AC Maintenance

Whether it’s sweltering hot outdoors or cold and stormy, you depend on your HVAC systems to keep everyone comfortable indoors. Our Comfort Club program helps ensure that your heating and cooling equipment comes through for you all year long. When you join the club, you’ll get a full 15-point tune-up in the spring and fall. We can also service your tankless water heater to ensure it’s working properly. In addition, you’ll enjoy the following members-only benefits.

  • 10-percent discount on necessary parts and components
  • Annual $50 deposit into a replacement system savings fund
  • Guaranteed service within 48 hours for all your HVAC needs

Comfort Club Maintenance Saves You Money

Whether you own a furnace, heat pump or central air conditioner, proper maintenance is the key to efficient operation. A well-maintained system operates up to 25 percent more efficiently than a neglected one. Signing up for regular maintenance also helps you avoid the costs and inconvenience associated with unexpected heating repairs. Proactive care also extends the system’s service life, safeguarding your wallet from the expense of a premature replacement.

Get the Most from Your HVAC Systems

Preventive HVAC maintenance lets you hold onto more of your hard-earned money, but that’s not the only benefit. Keeping the equipment in peak condition secures your comfort too. That’s an important consideration when you live in an area like Apple Valley that experiences off-the-chart summer temperatures. Our Comfort Club maintenance lets you relax at home, knowing your HVAC systems will work well when you most need them.

Make sure your HVAC systems are ready for whatever weather comes your way. Join the Comfort Club! For more information, explore our HVAC Maintenance section or call us today.

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