Consider These 3 Efficient HVAC Systems for Your Home

Replacing your heater or air conditioner with a new model that uses less energy will lower your power bills and help you avoid an uncomfortable, inconvenient breakdown. You can get your investment back over time through energy savings, and you can increase the value of your home. Here are some of the most efficient types of HVAC systems for your Apple Valley, California, home.

Ductless Units

A ductless HVAC unit has one or more indoor air handlers connected to an outdoor compressor or condenser. Many ductless heaters and air conditioners have zoning. You can set a different temperature for the indoor unit in each area or zone. That way, everyone in your home can choose the amount of air conditioning that they prefer for the zone they use the most. You can also avoid heating or cooling unoccupied zones.

Packaged Systems

These units come from the factory in a compact casing. Since they’re already assembled, installation is faster and easier. Like ductless systems, you can use more than one device to control separate zones. Heating and cooling your home with a packaged system is more efficient than using a traditional unit because all the components are closer together. Wall-mounted, rooftop, and window units are available.

Variable-Speed HVAC Systems

A variable-speed heater and air conditioner can make its fan slower or faster to match your needs. Instead of running at full speed and then shutting off often, it stays on longer than most systems at a lower rate. This prevents uncomfortable temperature fluctuations, reduces background noise, and saves energy. A variable-speed system can regulate your home’s humidity better than most other units. Some models can even make changes based on moisture levels or the outdoor temperature.

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