Benefits of Attic Insulation in Barstow, CA Home

As the summer sun beats down on your home in Barstow, CA, heat transferred from the surface of your roof can create a buildup of hot air in your unfinished attic. Excess heat in your attic can travel in any direction as it moves to displace cooler air within your home’s living spaces. Read on to learn how attic insulation provides a barrier from that heat, allowing for more effective and efficient cooling from your HVAC system.

Keep Hot Air Out

Proper insulation within the walls of your home will do a great deal to keep cool air in and warm air out. Unfinished attics are often ignored as problem spots during the summer months. During the winter, it makes sense that you want to prevent hot air from rising and leaving through the top of the house. Attic insulation will also help contain the cool air in your home while preventing pent-up heat from naturally spreading to the climate-controlled interior.

Increase Energy Efficiency

A poorly insulated attic can create a constant battle for your air conditioning system. As it works overtime to combat the heat, energy efficiency will suffer. Proper attic insulation seals off drafts and provides a wall of protection against potential temperature fluctuations.

Save Money

Cool air escaping through your attic might as well be money leaving your hand. Decreased efficiency and increased runtime mean higher electricity costs. It also means increased strain on your HVAC system, which could lead to more repairs or a shorter service life for your equipment.

Our attic insulation experts in Barstow, CA, can diagnose potential problem spots and offer solutions tailored to your home. Call Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning to request a home inspection and learn more about our attic insulation services.

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