6 Reasons to Invest in Whole-Home Ventilation in Helendale, CA

As a Helendale, CA, homeowner, you probably open windows when your home needs some fresh air. While this approach can bring a nice breeze into your home, it isn’t reliable. Here are six reasons a whole-home ventilation system is important.

Save Energy

Whole-home ventilation reduces energy consumption, especially if you opt for an ERV (energy recovery ventilator). An ERV uses less energy to replace contaminated air inside your house with clean air from the outside. This system captures energy from the pre-conditioned air and uses it to filter the air coming from the outside, saving the energy the HVAC system utilizes to clean outgoing air.

Improved Indoor Comfort

Other ventilation approaches, like window units or bathroom exhaust fans, only impact one area of your home. Conversely, whole-home ventilation provides a constant comfort level in your entire house, thus improving overall indoor comfort.

Stop Condensation

Inadequate ventilation can make your attic trap in moisture, resulting in various problems that will necessitate AC repairs. Damp conditions can lead to health problems, including allergic reactions. Whole-home ventilation helps turn a stale and stagnant atmosphere into a fresh, healthy environment.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

A whole-home ventilator helps remove indoor air contaminants, moisture, bacteria and unpleasant odors that might get trapped inside your home. It also filters incoming air to eliminate outdoor contaminants, a benefit you can’t reap if you rely on your windows for fresh air.

Keep Temperatures Consistent

A whole-house ventilation system helps you keep the internal temperatures consistent throughout your home. This control makes your living space pleasant and helps you save energy and money.

Air Regulation

Unless you have a whole-home ventilation system in place, you cannot control air circulation in your home. Excessive fresh air can lead to costly utility bills. Whole-house ventilation helps control the air and regulates it to the required safety and health levels.

Whenever you need to enhance your indoor air quality, contact Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning today. We’ll help you upgrade your AC system to ensure your home always has a constant supply of fresh, healthy air.

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