3 Telling Signs of Air Conditioner Compressor Problems

Ignoring problems with your air conditioner compressor now could lead to problems down the road, including greater damage that will be expensive to fix. It could even lead to a failed system that needs to be replaced altogether. If the air conditioner compressor in your Barstow, California, home is experiencing one of the following signs that something is wrong, don’t delay — call in the professionals today.

Compressor Won’t Turn On

Confirm that the power is going to the unit by checking your breaker box. If you have power and the fan is still working but no cold air is coming out, it’s time to call in the pros to diagnose the issue. A compressor that doesn’t turn on could be due to any number of problems that only an HVAC professional can diagnose and fix.

System Is Blowing Warm Air

If your system is running but you only feel warm air, that’s an early symptom of compressor failure. However, there are other reasons that the system could be blowing warm air, including a refrigerant leak. To get the problem properly diagnosed, it’s best to call in a professional HVAC service provider.

Compressor Makes Strange Noises

AC compressors typically make a little noise when they operate. However, if yours is making noises that are strange or out of the ordinary, that’s a good sign that your system isn’t functioning as it should be. Unusual noises could be signs of compressor failure. They could also be a sign of a dislodged fan motor, failing electrical components, or other issues.

At Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning, we know how important it is for you and your family to be comfortable in your home. Call us at 760-208-4930 to learn more about whether your AC compressor is suffering from one of these problems. We’ll send one of our technicians to your home to diagnose and fix the problem.

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