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Most homeowners don't often think about the insulation in their home, but they should. Proper home insulation can solve a variety of home energy issues, including inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, and high energy bills. The attic insulation services we offer at Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning will enhance your comfort, save you money and help you conserve our natural resources.

Improve Your Comfort with Attic Insulation

To understand how insulating your home saves you money and improves your comfort, you need to keep in mind a basic law of thermodynamics: heat travels. In the summer, heat from the outside wants to flow into your home; in the winter, heat from inside your home flows outside. Insulation slows down that heat flow.

Without the right amount of insulation, your AC can run all day and still not counteract the hot air seeping into your home. In the winter, the toasty warmth your furnace puts out isn't staying inside your home; it's escaping into your backyard. Appropriate home insulation levels reduce the amount of energy you use to heat and cool your home. They also eliminate air leaks and drafts that cause uncomfortable hot and cold spots.

Protect Your Home with Our Professional Home Insulation Services

The measuring stick for heat flow is its R-value. The higher the R-value, the greater the resistance to heat flow. With their in-depth experience with Victor Valley's weather, our service technicians can help you determine the correct R-value for your home.

We take into consideration factors such as whether you have cathedral ceilings, your home is single- or multi-level, and whether you have a basement or your home is on a concrete foundation. With our insulation services, we guarantee personal attention, affordable rates and quality work. You'll have added peace of mind knowing that we are a participating contractor in Energy Upgrade California, an initiative that helps Californians conserve natural resources and save energy.

Home Inspection Service

A home inspection is a valuable way to learn where your home loses energy, how much energy you use, and the efficiency of your insulation. Our service techs can evaluate your existing insulation, checking to see whether it has the R-value you need for optimal comfort, whether it's installed correctly, and whether it's up to code. We'll look for rodent droppings, critter nests and water damage. Because your HVAC system plays a role in proper insulation, we'll also evaluate the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

According to Energy Star, 90 percent of homes don't have enough insulation. At Clemmer Services Heating & Air Conditioning, we're committed to your comfort and satisfaction. That includes making sure your home has the right level of insulation. If you would like to upgrade your existing attic insulation or are interested in a home inspection, give us a call today.

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